Event Best Practices

25th September, 2015 No Comments Blog , CoVenture , Fundraising

Some people naturally make a good impression at a cocktail party, fundraiser or conference.  Charisma and enthusiasm help, but a few practical habits go a long way as well:

  • Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t see regularly (e.g less than weekly).  Many people have trouble remembering names and doing this will put them at ease.
  • Do not pitch a product or company unless asked.  Provide a one-sentence summary if the context is appropriate, and offer to follow-up with more information.
  • Ask for an e-mail address if you want to follow-up with someone.
  • Be aware of the line of people behind you waiting their turn if you are talking to a speaker after a speech or panel.  If there are other people waiting, keep the conversation to 30 seconds or less.  If you need more time, again, ask for an e-mail address.
  • Introduce any companions you have with you.  It’s just common courtesy.
  • Ask questions about other people and listen to their answers.  Unless you are a major public figure (i.e. have starred in a blockbuster movie or held national elected office), other people will quickly bore of your monologue.

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