Big Red Scrum

30th November, 2014 No Comments Cornell Tech , NYC

As noted in an earlier post, I started spending a day a week at Cornell Tech this fall.  One of my responsibilities has been to help teach the Studio class for Masters (Computer Science (MEng) and Business (MBA)) students.  The format of that class is unusual, perhaps unique, for graduate programs, so I thought it […]

Elements of an Innovation Ecosystem

6th May, 2014 No Comments Blog , NYC , Public Policy

I have been thinking a fair amount lately about what it takes to make a successful start-up ecosystem.  (I am focused, unsurprisingly given my background, on technology communities.)  There are a limited number of thriving start-up ecosystems globally (Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Israel, New York, Boston, Chicago, London, and Berlin among them, together with a handful […]