The Meaning of Trust Between Management and Investors

22nd August, 2013 No Comments Blog , Venture Capital

This infographic summarizes a recent study on branding in venture capital by marketing consultancy DeSantis Breindel.  For companies seeking venture capital and those of us in the industry, the infographic will probably mostly elicit head nodding, but there are a couple of somewhat interesting nuggets. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists believe that an entrepreneur-friendly […]

When to Raise Capital

11th July, 2013 No Comments Blog , Fundraising

Entrepreneurs often ask, “when is the right time to raise capital?”  Generally, they are asking about the best timing for approaching venture capitalists and/or professional angel investors for a new equity financing. I think there are really only three answers to this question, though there are nuances to each answer: To accelerate growth:  You are […]

Tips for Hiring Great Developers

28th June, 2013 No Comments Blog , Recruiting

Perhaps the most common and vexing problem that many technology companies face today is finding good developers.  I have worked with a variety of companies over time, some of which have been more successful than others in the war for coding talent.  I’ve also gotten great input from Lucas Nelson, my colleague at Gotham Ventures […]

The People vs. Inefficiency

1st May, 2013 No Comments Blog

I started writing this blog from the hallway outside a courtroom at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan, on lunch break on the first day of a criminal trial for which I was selected as a juror. As any of you who have served on a jury, or have watched CSI, Law & Order, or Night […]

In Support of Self-Driving Cars; in Buildings and on Roads

17th April, 2013 No Comments Blog

Have you ever been in a manually-operated elevator?  The kind with the lever that you push one way to go up and another to go down?  If you have, there was probably an elevator operator in the cab.  After all, you wouldn’t want just anyone controlling the elevator.  Although it’s pretty tough to create life-threatening […]