Tips for Hiring Great Developers

28th June, 2013 No Comments Blog , Recruiting

Perhaps the most common and vexing problem that many technology companies face today is finding good developers.  I have worked with a variety of companies over time, some of which have been more successful than others in the war for coding talent.  I’ve also gotten great input from Lucas Nelson, my colleague at Gotham Ventures […]

The People vs. Inefficiency

1st May, 2013 No Comments Blog

I started writing this blog from the hallway outside a courtroom at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan, on lunch break on the first day of a criminal trial for which I was selected as a juror. As any of you who have served on a jury, or have watched CSI, Law & Order, or Night […]

In Support of Self-Driving Cars; in Buildings and on Roads

17th April, 2013 No Comments Blog

Have you ever been in a manually-operated elevator?  The kind with the lever that you push one way to go up and another to go down?  If you have, there was probably an elevator operator in the cab.  After all, you wouldn’t want just anyone controlling the elevator.  Although it’s pretty tough to create life-threatening […]

It’s About Time

7th March, 2013 No Comments Blog

My wife occasionally asks me for recommendations for technology products – consumer electronics, software, apps.  I spend all day immersed in new technologies and she doesn’t, so this is one topic on which I can actually be helpful in many cases.  But I was stumped by her latest request. She asked me for a product […]

Just Add Money

1st February, 2013 No Comments Blog , Portfolio

Consumer credit is broken.  The economy has improved, if slowly, since 2008.  The cost of funds is low.  Even so, many consumers still have difficulty finding loans to help pay for new cars, homes, or education.  According to the Federal Reserve, financial institutions and securitized pools of capital drove more than $340 billion in outflows from […]