The Road to the Final Four

15th May, 2020 No Comments Blog

Behind the Scenes of the Cornell Tech Startup Awards Today, ten startups founded by Cornell Tech students competed in the Sixth Annual Startup Awards, vying to be one of four winners to receive $100,000 in cash and services from Cornell. A description of each of the competing companies can be found here and the video […]

Why Teach Startup Studio @ Cornell Tech

21st January, 2020 No Comments Blog

Last fall I was offered the opportunity to teach Startup Studio. I couldn’t say no. My history with Cornell and Cornell Tech, the potential to help build on an already-great program, the chance to participate in the development of startup education, and the Studio team all drew me to the role. I first heard about […]

Departure from CoVenture

28th May, 2019 No Comments Blog

After four years co-founding the firm, I recently decided to leave my role as a partner at CoVenture.  I continue to count everyone there a friend, and my decision was made after much discussion with the team.  Over time, our business has shifted – our Credit and Crypto business lines have grown and continue to […]

Pitch Podcast

21st April, 2018 No Comments Blog

I had a great time recently with Patrick O’Shaughnessy on his podcast, Invest Like the Best.  The episode allows listeners to eavesdrop on an entrepreneur, Brett Maloley of Ladder, pitching first me and then Taylor Greene. You can check it out here.

Tic-Toc Funding Rounds

31st August, 2017 No Comments Blog

Historically, startups raise capital in “rounds” – financing events that take place every 1-2 years.  They raise enough money to hit their next milestone(s) and raise another round or achieve profitability; they typically aim for enough cash to provide ~18 months of runway.  The first round is a Seed round, then a Series A, then […]