Big Red Scrum

30th November, 2014 No Comments Cornell Tech , NYC

As noted in an earlier post, I started spending a day a week at Cornell Tech this fall. ย One of my responsibilities has been to help teach the Studio class for Masters (Computer Science (MEng) and Business (MBA)) students. ย The format of that class is unusual, perhaps unique, for graduate programs, so I thought it […]

Elements of an Innovation Ecosystem

6th May, 2014 No Comments Blog , NYC , Public Policy

I have been thinking a fair amount lately about what it takes to make a successful start-up ecosystem. ย (I am focused, unsurprisingly given my background, on technology communities.) ย There are a limited number of thriving start-up ecosystems globally (Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Israel, New York, Boston, Chicago, London, and Berlin among them, together with a handful […]