Calculating Market Size

29th October, 2014 No Comments Fundraising

One of the most important things that investors (and good entrepreneurs) consider when investing in or starting a business is market size.  Even so, my experience has been that the vast majority of entrepreneurs calculate market size incorrectly. I will focus here on what is generally referred to as the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for […]

New Role at Cornell Tech

29th September, 2014 No Comments Blog

Just under two weeks ago, I joined Cornell Tech as Investor-in-Residence (IIR), spending one day a week at the school’s temporary campus in Chelsea. I’m very excited about Cornell Tech and the new role. I’ll use this post to share a bit of information about Cornell Tech in case you’re not updated on the latest […]

A Video for Your Few Remaining Friends Who “Question” Global Warming

31st August, 2014 No Comments Blog

Back in July, the U.S. Senate took up discussion on a resolution to acknowledge the reality of climate change and its risk to the United States. Such a resolution may seem like a no-brainer to you, so much so that it might seem unnecessary, like a resolution to acknowledge, say, the roundness of the earth. […]

How to Get a Venture Capital Job

8th July, 2014 No Comments Blog , Venture Capital

I am often asked how to get a job in venture capital. Is there an optimal path to a career venture capital? How much operating experience do I need? Should I get an MBA? Like most venture capitalists, I did not follow an obvious path into the industry. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college, worked […]

Better Board Meetings

3rd June, 2014 No Comments Blog

Too often, board meetings are boring.  Management teams can feel burdened by them; by the preparation for them, the scheduling hassle, and the sense that they are somehow a form of audit.  Non-executive board members can feel that they are not fully engaged with the business or team.  Meetings can be mind-numbing marathons of numbers reviews or, […]