Big Red Scrum

30th November, 2014 No Comments Cornell Tech , NYC

As noted in an earlier post, I started spending a day a week at Cornell Tech this fall.  One of my responsibilities has been to help teach the Studio class for Masters (Computer Science (MEng) and Business (MBA)) students.  The format of that class is unusual, perhaps unique, for graduate programs, so I thought it […]

Calculating Market Size

29th October, 2014 No Comments Fundraising

One of the most important things that investors (and good entrepreneurs) consider when investing in or starting a business is market size.  Even so, my experience has been that the vast majority of entrepreneurs calculate market size incorrectly. I will focus here on what is generally referred to as the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for […]

New Role at Cornell Tech

29th September, 2014 No Comments Blog

Just under two weeks ago, I joined Cornell Tech as Investor-in-Residence (IIR), spending one day a week at the school’s temporary campus in Chelsea. I’m very excited about Cornell Tech and the new role. I’ll use this post to share a bit of information about Cornell Tech in case you’re not updated on the latest […]

A Video for Your Few Remaining Friends Who “Question” Global Warming

31st August, 2014 No Comments Blog

Back in July, the U.S. Senate took up discussion on a resolution to acknowledge the reality of climate change and its risk to the United States. Such a resolution may seem like a no-brainer to you, so much so that it might seem unnecessary, like a resolution to acknowledge, say, the roundness of the earth. […]

How to Get a Venture Capital Job

8th July, 2014 No Comments Blog , Venture Capital

I am often asked how to get a job in venture capital. Is there an optimal path to a career venture capital? How much operating experience do I need? Should I get an MBA? Like most venture capitalists, I did not follow an obvious path into the industry. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college, worked […]