Event Best Practices

25th September, 2015 No Comments Blog , CoVenture , Fundraising

Some people naturally make a good impression at a cocktail party, fundraiser or conference.  Charisma and enthusiasm help, but a few practical habits go a long way as well: Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t see regularly (e.g less than weekly).  Many people have trouble remembering names and doing this will put them at ease. […]

About CoVenture: Update

31st August, 2015 No Comments CoVenture

I find myself explaining what we do at CoVenture more as our model evolves.  This post is meant to compliment and expand on my original post on Joining CoVenture; as such, I’ll skip the preamble here. At CoVenture, we do two things together with and for startup companies: We write software in exchange for equity, […]

Internet of Evil Things?

21st July, 2015 No Comments Blog

Cory Doctorow gave a very interesting speech recently at the Personal Democracy Forum (hosted by my friend Andrew Rasiej).  He spoke about the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and the risk that Internet-connected devices could be hacked (or programmed by their OEMs) to do things that a user might not want them to do.  Specifically, he […]

Phone Best Practices (No Calls Please)

3rd July, 2015 No Comments Blog

I have come to believe that a phone call is usually the worst form of business communication.  It suffers from the downside of meetings with almost none of the upside.  A phone call: requires synchrony, meaning everyone has to be available at the same time; is inefficient because most people read and write faster than […]

Better Meetings

10th June, 2015 No Comments Blog , Cornell Tech , CoVenture , Fundraising

Meetings seem to have more champions than does e-mail.  Meetings enable you to “look ‘em in the eye” and are personal.  These sentiments get to the heart of the main – perhaps the only – advantage of a meeting over other forms of communication:  body language makes a meeting a much richer form of communication […]